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Chipilín Leaf

Use chipilín greens in a salad where it has a mild flavor or as a fresh herb or dry for a dried herb. The grassy-sour-vegetal flavor comes out more when it is cooked. Use in Mexican cuisine like Pupusa and Tamale or in a soup.

Alternative Names

Chepil Green, Chepil Leaf, Chepilin Green, Chepilin Leaf, Chipilín Green


Braising Green, Foraged Vegetable, Herb, Leaf Vegetable, Salad Green


Central America, Mexico


Grassy, Sour, Vegetal


Gelatinous, Tender

Prep Methods

Chop, Dry/Dehydrate

Cooking Method

As Is, Boil/Simmer, Braise, Sauté, Steam


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