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Fresh Garbanzo Bean

Fresh garbanzo beans, or fresh chickpeas are the fresh version of the more commonly used Dried Garbanzo Bean or Cooked Garbanzo Beans. Peel the outer skin off and blanch, braise, or sauté. Use for Hummus, salad, soup, or vegetable dish. Their are many types of fresh legumes and the best substitutes for fresh garbanzo beans is Edamame, Fava Bean, and English Pea.

Alternative Names

Fresh Bengal Gram, Fresh Ceci Bean, Fresh Channa Fresh Chickpea, Fresh Cicero


Fresh Legume


Middle East


Earthy, Mild, Sweet-Slightly, Vegetal


Crisp, Firm, Tender

Prep Methods

Dry/Dehydrate, Mash/Purée, Peel

Cooking Method

Blanch, Braise, Sauté


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