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Comment Policy


Comments are an important part of the interaction with readers and the building and perfecting of the database. Readers are encouraged to leave comments in the blog posts. All comments, positive or negative, are welcome as long as they comply to the following policy.

The purpose of the comments is to educate and debate over culinary ideas and opinions.

When you leave a comment on this website, you do so with the understanding and knowledge of the following guidelines:

1. Only comments from valid email addresses will be published.

In order to eliminate spam; all email addresses will be verified prior to publishing a comment. Please note that your email address will be hidden from public view and will not be used, shared or published in any way.

2. Comments that include URLs to commercial websites or blogs within the comment field will not be published. does not publish comments that are self-promotional or spam-like.  Links to other pages will not be published unless the link contains information that enhances the discussion topic such as product sourcing.  All such links will be verified prior to publishing a comment.

3. Comments will not edited or censored.

All comments will be carefully read to ensure that they comply with this Comment Policy and will be published upon verification.  Any conflicts within the comment the user will be notified of any typos, broken links or user requests that need change prior to publishing.  Comments with unsavory language will be deleted with no response. Please See #4

4. Only respectful negative comments will be published.

Constructive criticism and opposing opinions are very welcome as long as they do not include hateful, offensive, vulgar, inflammatory, defamatory, and/or threatening language. Comments with such language will not be published.

5. Not all comments will have a direct response.

We try to respond to most questions but due to the volume of some posts we are unable to answer all. Comments will be answered at our discretion. In some cases, we may answer inquiries personally via email and may not publish the comment.

6. Use of the comments feature on constitutes that you agree with this websites Terms of Use


revised 3/27/14



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