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Ingredient Of The Day: Bergamot Mint

June 21, 2021

Bergamot Mint is one of the many varieties of mint. It has an astringent-citrus-smoky-minty-slightly bitter flavor and can be used for dessert dishes, garnish, and cocktails.…

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Ingredient Of The Day: New Mexico Green Chile Pepper

June 20, 2021

The New Mexico Green Chile Pepper, aka Green Hatch Chile, is a specialty pepper from New Mexico. They are considered a delicacy and are usually roasted or smoked before they are used. They have an aromatic-earthy-fruity-slightly spicy flavor and they are used for salsa, sauce, soup, stew, and added to many dishes for flavor.…

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Ingredient Of The Day: Smoked Sea Salt

June 19, 2021

Smoked Sea Salt is a flaky salt that has been smoked. This specialty salt has a smoky-salty flavor and is best used as a finishing salt and for a garnish.…

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Ingredient Of The Day: Red Velvet Apricot

June 18, 2021

The Red Velvet Apricot, aka Black Velvet Apricot, is a plum-apricot hybrid with a sweet-fruity flavor. Use for out-of-hand eating, and in baked goods, chutney, compote, and jam.…

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Ingredient Of The Day: Lollipop Kale Sprout

June 17, 2021

The Lollipop Kale Sprout, aka Kalettes, is a Brussels Sprouts and Kale hybrid. Blanch or sauté to bring out their earthy-vegetal-slightly sweet flavor and use as a vegetable side dish.…

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Ingredient Of The Day: Purple Tomatillo

June 16, 2021

The Purple Tomatillo, aka Purple Husk Tomato, can be used like regular Tomatillo in relish, salsa, soup, and stew. They have an acidic-fruity-tart flavor and gelatinous texture.…

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Ingredient Of The Day: Popcorn Shoot

June 15, 2021

The Popcorn Shoot, aka Corn Shoots or Popcorn Microgreens, is a sprout that needs to be grown away from the sun. They have a buttery-sweet flavor and a crunchy texture and are best used as a garnish to highlight their uniqueness.…

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Ingredient Of The Day: Oca Potato

June 14, 2021

The Oca Potato, aka New Zealand Yam, is a small, red variety of potato similar to a yam with a slightly sweet-tangy flavor. Use in soup, stew, and a vegetable side dish.…

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Ingredient Of The Day: Red Currant

June 13, 2021

The Red Currant, or Fresh Zante Currant, are small berries that are used for baked goods, jams, compote, and sauce. They need to be cooked because they have a very tart flavor.…

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Ingredient Of The Day: Jimmy Nardello Pepper

June 12, 2021

The Jimmy Nardello Pepper is an Italian variety of pepper with a sweet-fruity flavor. Cook or use raw for salad, crudités, relish, salsa, and Spiedini.…

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