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New Orleans: The Cocktails & Food Events

June 13, 2015

Let’s not forget that New Orleans likes to party and has one of the best nightlifes. New Orleans has invented or retooled some classic cocktails that are well known around the world. They also have many breweries old and new that operate in and around the city. Jax brewery was once one of the largest …

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The Biggest Food Trends Of 2014

December 31, 2014

Here is our round-up of the food and restaurant trends of 2014. It was another eventful year for the food industry. Many of the food trends from last year have picked up momentum for this year and we well see them carry over into 2015. In the front of the house (FOH) we are seeing …

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Happy National Martini Day

June 19, 2014

National Martini Day is June 19th, but around here every Friday at 5 pm is Martini Day. There are conflicting opinions over what the traditional ingredients of this vintage cocktail should be. We don’t want to start a bar fight here, but we believe that a martini should consist of gin, a splash of vermouth, …

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