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Month: December 2022

Ingredient Of The Day: Caviar

December 31, 2022

Happy New Years Eve! Caviar, aka Roe, is commonly served during special occasions and celebrations. The prized fish eggs come from sturgeon, but can also come from paddlefish and salmon. They have a briny-salty flavor and a tender-gelatinous texture and should have a pop when you bite into the eggs.…

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Ingredient Of The Day: Quince Paste

December 30, 2022

Quince Paste, aka Cotignac, Crema de Membrillo, and Dulce de Membrillo, is a jelly-like ingredient made from Quince. It has a tart-slightly sweet flavor and gelatinous texture and is mostly used as a garnish, usually for cheese plates.…

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Ingredient Of The Day: Batavian Lettuce

December 29, 2022

Batavian Lettuce, aka French Crisp Lettuce or Summer Crisp Lettuce is mostly used as a salad green, it has a mild-vegetal flavor and a crisp-crunchy texture. It is similar to Salanova Lettuce and Butterhead Lettuce.…

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Ingredient Of The Day: Sprouted Watermelon Seed

December 28, 2022

The Sprouted Watermelon Seed are watermelon seeds that have gone through the sprouting process. They have a nutty flavor and crunchy-dry texture. Use for a garnish, salad, and a snack.…

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Ingredient Of The Day: Oyster

December 27, 2022

Oyster is served raw on the half shell or cooked by barbecuing or baking for dishes such as Oysters Rockefeller, Angels On Horseback, and Devils On Horseback. You can find many different varieties of oysters, they have a briny-salty flavor and chewy-tender texture.…

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Ingredient Of The Day: Hawaiian Apple

December 26, 2022

The Hawaiian Apple has a fruity-sweet flavor with no acidity and a crisp-juicy texture. They are best eaten out-of-hand but can also be used for baked goods such as crisp, crumble, cobbler, betty, buckle, galette, and pie.…

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Ingredient Of The Day: Prime Rib

December 25, 2022

Prime Rib is a tradition for Christmas dinner. It is a cut of meat that is usually prepared with a marinade or dry rub and baked or roasted and served rare, often with a side of Prepared Horseradish.…

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Ingredient Of The Day: Amarosa Fingerling Potoato

December 24, 2022

The Amarosa Fingerling Potato has an earthy-slightly sweet flavor and can be roasted, baked, boiled, simmered, or braised and used for Potato Salad or for a side dish.…

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Ingredient Of The Day: Easter Egg Radish

December 23, 2022

Today is the Night of the Radishes celebration, an annual event in Oaxaca, Mexico. So today’s ingredient of the day is Easter Egg Radish, with an earthy-mild flavor and a crunchy-firm texture. Use for a salad, crudités, and vegetable side dish.…

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Ingredient Of The Day: Matsutake Mushroom

December 22, 2022

The Matsutake Mushroom, aka White Pine Mushroom, is a prized mushroom with an earthy-nutty flavor. They are a dirty white-beige-brown color and range in size from a golf ball to a soft ball. Use them by roasting or sautéing for a side dish or accompaniment to a steak or add them to Risotto, pasta dish, soup, …

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