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Month: July 2016

Ingredient Of The Day: Parval Cucumber

July 31, 2016

Parvar Cucumber, aka Pointed Gourd Cucumber, is small cucumber with a mild flavor. These cucumbers need to be cooked in soups, stews, and curry dishes to soak up the flavors. The seeds are hard and need to be removed and the skin should be peeled, so the prep is labor intensive.…

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Ingredient Of The Day: Red Zebra Tomato

July 30, 2016

Red Zebra Tomato is a summer tomato similar to the Green Zebra Tomato with an acidic-slightly sweet flavor and juicy texture. Use in salad, sandwich, sauce, soup, and Caprese Salad.…

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Ingredient Of The Day: Marionberry

July 29, 2016

Marionberry, or Marion Berry is a summer berry similar to Boysenberry with a tart-slightly sweet flavor and a tender-juicy texture. Use them in baked goods such as cobbler, crumble, and crisp or in jams and chutneys.…

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Ingredient Of The Day: Sunflower Petal

July 28, 2016

The Sunflower Petal is edible and can be use in salads or as a garnish. It has a grassy-vegetal-slightly bitter flavor and a tender-chewy texture.…

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Ingredient Of The Day: Pink Variegated Eureka Lemon

July 27, 2016

The Pink Variegated Eureka Lemon, aka Pink Lemonade Lemon, is a type of citrus with a tangy-tart-acidic flavor and juicy texture. Use the lemon in Ceviche, Aïoli, marinade, vinaigrette, and cocktails.…

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Ingredient Of The Day: Bronze Fennel Frond

July 26, 2016

Bronze Fennel Frond, aka Bronze Fennel Leaves, is similar to regular Fennel Frond but with a bronze color. They have a floral-slightly sweet flavor and can be used to enhance a dish or as a garnish.…

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Ingredient Of The Day: Marrow Squash

July 25, 2016

Marrow Squash, aka Costata Romanesca Squash or Vegetable Marrow, is an heirloom variety of summer squash that is similar to Zucchini and has an earthy-slightly sweet flavor. They are best used cooked and can be baked, grilled, roasted, and deep fried.…

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Ingredient Of The Day: White Wonder Cucumber

July 24, 2016

The White Wonder Cucumber, aka Miniature White Cucumber, is a yellow summer cucumber with a slightly sweet flavor and crisp-crunchy texture. Use in salad, Ceviche, crudités, sandwich, and Gazpacho.…

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Ingredient Of The Day: Forbidden Rice

July 23, 2016

Forbidden Rice, aka Black Rice or Emperor Rice, is a specialty rice with an earthy-slightly sweet-nutty flavor. Use it in rice dishes like you would other types of rice.…

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Ingredient Of The Day: French Prune

July 22, 2016

The French Prune is a juicy, floral, sweet variety of plum that is great for out-of-hand eating or used in baked goods and jams. They can also be dried and used as Dried Prunes.…

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