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National Food Days- March 2016

March 2, 2016 | Food Politics
National Food Days- March 2016

A little late this month, but here we have our National Food Day Calendar for the month of March. As always, we publish this calendar every month to give you ideas to have fun with. The items on this list aren’t always seasonal but they have been selected for some reason by someone, somewhere on a National Food Day Panel. You can enjoy Seafood this month because you’ll find Crab, Scallop, Lobster, Paella, and Clams showing up in various places. Some items are so good that we get to enjoy them for the entire month. For March enjoy: Celery, Flour Noodle, Peanut Here are the food items for the month of March that have an individual day that is dedicated to them: 1- Pig, Peanut Butter 9- Crabmeat, Meatball 12- Baked Scallop 14- Potato Chips 16- Artichoke Heart 17- St. Patrick’s Day, Corned Beef & Cabbage 19- Poultry, Maple Syrup (3rd Saturday) 20- Ravioli 21- California Strawberry, French Bread 22- Coq Au Vin (also May 29th), Water 23- Melba Toast 25- Lobster Newburg, Pecan 26- Spinach 27- Easter, Spanish Paella 31- Clams On The Half Shell


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