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National Food Days- February 2016

January 30, 2016 | Food Politics
National Food Days- February 2016

We have our National Food Day Calendar for the month of February. As always, we publish this calendar every month to give you ideas to have fun with. The items on this list aren’t always seasonal (Strawberry? on the 27th) but they have been selected for some reason by someone, somewhere on a National Food Day Panel. Some items are so good that we get to enjoy them for the entire month. For February enjoy: Cherry, Fondue, Grapefruit, Sweet Potato, and Pancake (4th week). If you like Fondue, it is celebrated for the entire month as well as Chocolate Fondue on the 5th. See our list of different varieties of Avocados for your Guacamole fix on Super Bowl Sunday. Here are the food items for the month of February that have an individual day that is dedicated to them: 1- Baked Alaska 3- Carrot Cake 5- Chocolate Fondue, Nutella 6- Super Bowl Sunday (Guacamole?) 7- Fettuccine Alfredo 8- Oatmeal (2nd Monday) 9- Bagel, Pizza 12- Plum Pudding 13- Tortellini 14- Valentine’s Day 16- Almond 17- Cabbage 18- Drink Wine Day 20- Cherry Pie 23- Banana Bread 24- Tortilla Chips 25- Clam Chowder, Chili (4th Thursday in Feb.) 26- Pistachio 27- Strawberry 28- Chocolate Soufflé


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