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Independence Day- Vegetables To Grill

July 2, 2015 | Back Of The House
Independence Day- Vegetables To Grill

A lot of people will be grilling for the 4th of July holiday. Barbecue is a huge trend right now and it is a great time to get creative with the grill. When you think about grilling you think about meat like Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Salmon, and BBQ Ribs. If you already have the BBQ stoked then consider throwing on some fruits and vegetables to compliment or as an alternative to the proteins. Here is in no way a complete list:


Fruits get a nice char flavor on the grill and can be added to salads or served for dessert with vanilla ice cream. Tomatoes work well when you grill them and use them for salsa. Greens can be quickly thrown on the grill before tossing into a salad like the grilled Caesar Salad (pictured) that can be made with little gems or romaine lettuce. All of the other vegetables are great just barbecued and served up for a side or as a main dish.



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