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Foraging Through The Berkeley Hills

Foraging Through The Berkeley Hills

We went Food Foraging today with the The Berkeley Path Wanderers Assoc. through the Berkeley Hills in Northern CA. Check out our Facebook Page for more pictures of the edibles that we foraged today. Here is a list of the edibles that we found with a brief description:

  • Bermuda Buttercup- Citrus like flavor.
  • Bristly Ox Tongue- Slightly bitter with a meaty flavor. Eat raw or cooked
  • Dock- Citrusy flavor. Eat raw, use in salads.
  • Wild Onion- (Picture) Oniony and slightly sweet. Raw or quickly cooked.
  • English Plantain Greens- Slightly sweet and grassy. Use raw in salads.
  • Mallow- Grassy flavor. Use raw or cooked
  • Common Wild Chickweed-  Slightly grassy and crunchy. Add to a salad
  • Nasturtium Leaves & Flowers- Slightly bitter, peppery, and slightly sweet. Use in salads.
  • Cat’s Ears- Mild version of dandelion, use raw
  • Sow Thistle- Similar to dandelion but not as bitter. Use cooked or raw.
  • Wild Mustard- In the Brassica family and is similar to regular Mustard.
  • Mediterranean Madrone- Sweet berry that grows on a tree and tastes like a peach


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