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Selection Of Chickpeas/Garbanzo Beans

Selection Of Chickpeas/Garbanzo Beans

Chickpeas, or Garbanzo Beans, are a versatile ingredient that is a staple in Indian cuisine. Some options for using the beans are: purée for a Hummus and use for vegetables or pita bread or spread it on a Bruschetta. The whole pea can be used in a soup or stew, in a salad, or as a vegetable side dish.

Fresh Garbanzo Beans- Pick from their shell and use in applications similar to an English Pea. Has more of a vegetal flavor then the dried version. Also is used for curries.

Dried Garbanzo Beans- Soak and then simmer. Takes a while to cook and that is why chefs sometimes purchase Cooked Garbanzo Beans in a pinch. Can be used in all applications once they are cooked.

Dried Black Garbanzo Beans- Soak and then simmer and takes a while to cook. A little more nutty and earthy than regular Dried Garbanzo Beans. Can be used in all applications once they are cooked.

Canned/Cooked Garbanzo Beans- For ease of use and takes away the long cooking time required for Dried Garbanzo Beans. Can be used in all applications.

Garbanzo Bean Flour- Use to thicken a soup or stew or to make Pappadam or other doughs and falafels.

Garbanzo Bean Greens- The greens of the Garbanzo Bean plant that is best used in salads or as a garnish.



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