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Ingredient Spotlight- Beets

February 21, 2015 | Ingredient Spotlight, Tip To Tail
Ingredient Spotlight- Beets

Beets are a versatile root vegetable and a mainstay on winter menus. Beets are most commonly roasted before being used but can also be julienned and used raw. Besides the root, the Beet Tops or greens can be sautéed, chopped for a salad, or puréed and used for a pesto. Also look for Bull’s Blood Greens or Bull’s Blood Microgreens as an option for pastas or risottos or as a garnish. Beets can also be used in chocolate cake to help keep it moist. Red Beets are most commonly used but there are many other varieties such as: Albino, Baby, Chiogga, Cylindra, Forno, and Golden.

Beet Caviar is easy to make and is a great compliment for blinis with a little sour cream. Check it out and the other dishes that beets can be used for (click to see).

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