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Tip To Tail- Arugula

Tip To Tail- Arugula

Arugula is a versatile leaf vegetable that has become a staple in the kitchen. Arugula was once considered a gourmet lettuce that could only be found on trendy restaurant menus. Now other unique greens have taken its place as the gourmet green du jour such as Fava Greens, Puntarelle, Purslane, and Little Gems. Arugula is most commonly used as a salad green because its peppery flavor stands up nicely with vinegar, cheese and nuts. You will also find it as a garnish on Beef Carpaccio to balance out the dish. Another good use is for a last minute addition to a risotto or pasta dish.

Arugula can be found in many other forms and at different stages of growth. Check out these unique arugula varieties (Click):

  • Bunched Arugula– is your common arugula and good for salads, pastas and risottos.
  • Baby Arugula– is more mild and tender and best for salads and as a garnish.
  • Wild Arugula/ Rocket– is less common and in smaller supplies but worth hunting for. Stronger and spicier then regular arugula.
  • Micro Arugula– is mostly used as a garnish and can be added for a touch of peppery flavor to dishes.
  • Arugula Blossoms/ Flowers–  Can be used in the same way as the greens by adding them to a salad, pasta, or risotto. Arugula Blossoms also make a great garnish for finished dishes, especially fish.
  • Arugula Rapini– is a grown up hardier version of the arugula green and is wild and unruly. This is best used as a braising green or a vegetable side dish and can be cooked longer in a pasta dish or risotto.
  • Wasabi Arugula– This is a cross between arugula and horseradish and has a distinct peppery- horseradish flavor.


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