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Purple Season, Part 2

Purple Season, Part 2

Last year we published a list of purple ingredients in our post, “It’s Purple Season”. Now we have an updated list of purple versions of familiar and well known produce. We have put together this list of purple ingredients for inspiration and ideas to play with in the kitchen. Most of the ingredients are similar to their regular counterparts in taste and texture and in some cases, will lose their beautiful purple color when cooked. The color will be retained if you use the ingredients in its raw form while adding a nice splash of color to the plate. The lettuces, pepper, carrots, radishes, turnip, and kohlrabi can be eaten raw or added to a salad to keep their dramatic color. The turnip, carrots, kohlrabi, lollipop kale sprouts, and cauliflower can be lightly cooked to preserve some of their purple color. The okra, noodle bean, and potato will have to be cooked and will lose most of the color, with the exception of the purple fingerling potato that tends to keep most of its color even after the cooking process. Click to see our list of purple produce:



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