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Salt Selection

Salt Selection

A good chef will have a multitude of different salts in their arsenal. Kosher salt, common salt, or table salt is very important in cooking for balancing, fusing and bringing out flavors within a dish, but it doesn’t necessarily bring in a new flavoring element on its own. There are other salts that are used for adding flavor and texture to a dish and these are regional salts and flavored salts. Harvested regional salts and flavored salts are meant to be “Finishing Salts” and aren’t meant to be used during the cooking process, but instead, they are added before service to give the dish texture and introduce new flavors.

You can find a lot of different types of salts from many different regions around the world. These salts take on different characteristics depending on the region they are from. Not surprisingly, you will mostly find salts being produced from areas where there are oceans. Some of the most sought out areas that are known for quality salts are Hawaii, Brittany, and the Himalayas.  Flavored salts are a salt that is blended with a flavored powder. The most common flavored salts that you will come across are garlic salt, onion salt, fennel salt, and celery salt. Smoked Sea Salt has become popular lately and the flavor is developed by the wood chips that are used during the smoking process.  A popular Japanese salt is Gomashio which is sea salt and sesame seeds. Flavored salts are easy to make and much cheaper then buying. Grind any spice (you can toast it first for a more intense flavor) or use any flavored powder or dry your own ingredient and then add it to sea salt. Simple! Popular flavors to make are: citrus, chili, mustard, mushroom, beet, tomato, horseradish and wasabi.

Take a look at the selection of salts in our database that are worth checking out:

Click on a link to get more information and view the individual photo (pictured below from left to right)

Rock SaltBlack Sea SaltFleur de Sel Fin/ Fine Sea Salt, Gray Sea Salt/ Sel De Mer GrisFine Himalayan Pink Salt, Coarse Himalayan Pink SaltKosher SaltRed Hawaiian Salt/ Red Alaea SaltSmoked SaltWhite Silver Sea Salt



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