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Night Of The Radishes

Night Of The Radishes

Night of The Radishes, or La Noche de Los Rabanos, is a celebration that falls every year on December 23rd. This annual event (Wikipedia) takes place in Oaxaca Mexico and has many events centered around all things radish. We’ll use any reason to celebrate food and drink so this is an opportunity to list all the radish items that are in the database. Some radishes have a snappy, peppery flavor and others have a mild almost sweet flavor. We like radishes for their crunchy texture and tend to eat most of them raw and use them for salads and crudités. A recent trend we’ve seen on menus is to roast the radishes and serve them as a side dish with sea salt. The tops, sprouts, and blossoms can be served in a salad or sautéed as a side dish or they can be puréed for a spicy pesto or salsa verde. Here’s the list of radishes and radish greens:

Radish Varieties


Radish Sprouts, Blossoms, and Greens



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