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Dungeness Crab Season

Dungeness Crab Season

Dungeness Crab season is here and off to a strong start. The boats have been lining up at the docks on the west coast and the fishermen are eager to unload their haul. This is one of the best starts to the dungeness crab season in recent memory so we should see crab around for awhile and maybe even see the prices drop a little bit.

Dungeness Crab has been a staple in Northern California for a long time, so it should be no surprise to find two classic crab dishes on the list, crab louis and cioppino. Crab has a delicate flavor that doesn’t need a lot of additions. You can boil it with aromatics and serve with drawn butter or use the meat as a garnish for soups or salads. If you are looking for what to do with all that excess crab, here are some suggestions:

  • Crab Aioli– Make a basic aioli and fold in crab. Makes a great garnish for fish.
  • Crab Bisque– Make a classic bisque but substitute crab. Click to see crab bisque recipe.
  • Crab Cakes– Great as a meal or appetizer. Click to see crab cake recipe.
  • Crab Fritter– Similar to a crab cake. Click to see crab fritter recipe.
  • Crab Chowder– Make a classic chowder but substitute crab. Click to see crab chowder recipe.
  • Crab Flan– Make a savory flan and add crab. Great on a salad or in a soup.
  • Crab FrittataCrab and eggs make a great pairing. This is a casual dish you can serve with salad. Click to see crab frittata recipe. MORE
  • Crab Imperial– A crap appetizer that is similar to Oysters Rockefeller. Click to see crab imperial recipe.
  • Crab Louis– Another classic San Francisco dish that is similar to the shrimp cocktail. Click to see crab louis recipe.
  • Crab Boil– Simply boil with aromatics and serve with sourdough bread and drawn butter.
  • She-Crab Soup– A soup usually made with blue crab but you can substitute dungeness crab. Click to see she-crab soup recipe.
  • Bouillabaisse– (upper photo) The classic French fish stew. Serve with rouille. Click to see bouillabaisse recipe.
  • Cioppino– (lower photo) The classic San Francisco fish stew. Serve with sourdough bread. Click to see cioppino recipe.

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