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National Food Days- December 2014

November 29, 2014 | Food Politics
National Food Days- December 2014

For those of you not suffering from a food hangover yet, we have the National Food Day Calendar for the month of December. Each month we publish the food day calendar for you to have fun with and give you ideas for planning menus.

This month we have a lot of desserts on the list to help celebrate the holiday season. I’m not sure why Gazpacho makes its national food day appearance in December when all of the ingredients are out of season, but it appears on the 6th. Bacon has its day on the 30th but as we know, everyday is bacon day. Bouillabaisse and Champagne are also on the list this month and that is something that can always be enjoyed. Here are the foods that have a special day dedicated to them for the month of December: (click >>to view)


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