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Alternatives To The Traditional Thanksgiving Menu- The Bird & Stuffing

November 20, 2014 | Back Of The House
Alternatives To The Traditional Thanksgiving Menu- The Bird & Stuffing

4th post of 5


In our fourth post we talk turkey, or at least alternatives to the traditional turkey and the different ways to prepare it. The turkey is the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving meal. Other types of birds to consider cooking are duck, goose, capon, pheasant, partridge, pullet, or cornish game hens.

Gravy, like many sauces, can boost flavor and add moisture for the meat. For alternative gravy options, try one of these:


For alternatives for the traditional sausage stuffing, you can try one of the many different varieties of sausage that range in flavor and spiciness. In some areas of the U.S., oyster stuffing is a tradition, and if you want to go that route, you can substitute clams, mussels, crab, or lobster. Also, you can make stuffing with different types of bread such as brioche, cornbread or focaccia. We listed alternatives for stuffing in our previous post, “Thanksgiving Sides” that you should consider such as Spoon Bread and Savory Bread Pudding. Here are our suggestions for alternatives for the  traditional turkey (click link):


Look for our final post on the “Alternatives To The Traditional Thanksgiving Desserts” coming soon. If you missed our previous posts in this series, click on the links:



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