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Alternatives For Traditional Pasta

Alternatives For Traditional Pasta

With so many people requesting gluten-free items, chefs are looking for creative alternatives for pasta. We have compiled some ideas for the times when regular pasta won’t work and you’ll need to find a substitute. A great substitution for egg noodles is Yuba (pictured on left), the skin that forms and rises to the top when processing tofu.

Many fresh vegetables can be julienned and then used as a substitute for spaghetti. Besides summer squash and zucchini, try using carrots, celeriac, radish, broccoli stems, or kohlrabi. You can also take long beans or red noodle beans and blanch, then use as a pasta noodle. Here are six alternatives to consider if you’re trying to avoid traditional pasta:


Pasta Alternatives:



Top Row, Left to Right


Bottom Row, Left to Right



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