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Ingredient Spotlight: Chilled Soups

Ingredient Spotlight: Chilled Soups

Summertime is here and you are probably not thinking about soup, but you should be thinking about chilled soups. Many of the summer vegetables that are available right now can be used for a decadent cold soup. Fruits that are out now such as berries, stone fruit, and melons can also be used for a chilled dessert soup, but we’ll save that for another post.

 Some kitchen secrets for keeping your green vegetables like asparagus, English peas, and watercress a vibrant green color when you purée them for a soup. One of the best tricks is to quickly blanch the vegetables in boiling salted water then quickly shock in a water bath before you purée. Another option is to cheat and add a little bit or raw spinach or parsley to the blender with the other vegetables. To keep avocado soup a nice shade of green without turning brown, add a little bit of acid such as lemon or lime juice or champagne vinegar.

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