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Recently Foraged Ingredients: Vol. 1

Recently Foraged Ingredients: Vol. 1

It’s always fun to find new, rare, and hard to find ingredients. Always talk with your local farmers, farmers markets, or specialty distributors to see what they have to offer. Here is a round-up of some of the interesting and hard to find ingredients we have found recently:

  • Fresh Guindilla Peppers- Hard to find fresh, use like you would a padron pepper.
  • Baby Tokyo Turnips- Small and mild and more similar to a mild radish. Eat the whole thing, greens and all. Great in salads or as a garnish.
  • Fraises De Bois Strawberries- Very delicate and need to be used right after being picked. Impressive as a dessert garnish.
  • Micro Thai Basil Blossoms- Small but pungent. Garnish savory and sweet dishes.
  • Spigarello Blossoms- Tastes like sweet broccoli. Steam whole to keep its nice shape.
  • Mouse Melons- Sour and slightly bitter with a cucumber flavor. Slice and garnish salads or main dishes.
  • Salt and Pepper Cucumbers- Looks like a white pickling cucumber but the flavor is more like a lemon cucumber.
  • Sunflower Buds- The buds of the sunflower before it blooms. Sauté the whole thing. Tastes a little like an artichoke with a floral, slightly bitter flavor.
  • Rocambole Garlic- A French variety that is easy to peel and very fragrant. Great roasted or substitute anywhere you use regular garlic.
  • Speckled Romaine- Mild and delicate and looks impressive on the plate. Use for salads or as a garnish.


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