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Sweet Corn Season

Sweet Corn Season

It’s the start of summer and that means it’s sweet corn season. Native to the Americas, corn is turned into cornmeal, dried for popping, or used fresh in lots of different recipes. Save the husks for wrapping foods such as fish and tamales for steaming, baking or grilling. Get your orders in, prepare your menus and try some of these dishes:

  • Corn Soup- Sauté, roast, or grill, then purée with a little water or stock. Leave it thick or strain for a silky smooth texture. The liquid is thick so no cream is needed. Garnish with prawns, crab or lobster.
  • Corn Milk Flan- Cook, purée, and strain the corn and use the “corn milk” as a substitute for cream in a savory flan recipe. Garnish with microgreens, shellfish or pancetta.
  • Corn Cakes- Use the cakes as a garnish for seafood salad or as a vehicle for braised meats.
  • Corn Succotash- Shave the corn from the cob and cook with other available fresh summer produce.
  • Maque Choux- This Louisiana dish is similar to succotash but with different ingredients.
  • Grilled Corn with Compound Butter- Grill in or out of the husk and finish with a compound butter such as sea salt and herbs, chipotle, or chili and lime.


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