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Squash Blossoms- To Stuff, Or To Be Stuffed

Squash Blossoms- To Stuff, Or To Be Stuffed

Squash blossoms are around right now so grab them quick, they have a brief season and a short shelf life. In Italy you see them in every market and on every menu starting in the spring. In the states you will typically only see them at the farmers markets starting in late spring/ early summer when the soft squash and zucchini season is just starting. Here are some ideas of how you can use squash blossoms with some links to recipes:

 Stuff them IN:


Stuff them WITH:


You can mix and match any combinations of these listed items to stuff with. After filling the squash blossoms they are usually battered and fried but you can also give them a quick sauté or a short blast in the oven.

Squash Blossoms also make a great garnish to a salad, soup, pasta, risotto, pizza and many other dishes. They have a beautiful color and a mild, slightly floral flavor so they will make a nice addition to just about everything.



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