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Sriracha Alternatives

Sriracha Alternatives

With the politics of the popular condiment Sriracha, it’s time to search for something new. These sauces are great on their own but an example of what they can enhance are marinades, vinaigrettes/ dressings, aïoli, or Crème Fraîche. If you want to explore similar sriracha sauces, here are some alternatives:

  • Sambal- Medium spicy with a great balance of chili’s and garlic.
  • Harissa- Medium spicy with a burst of the spices cumin, caraway, and coriander.
  • Hot Sauce- A general name for bottled chili sauces such as Tabasco® that come in a variety of heat levels.
  • Chilli Sauce- Has medium heat with a slightly sweet-tangy flavor
  • Chili Bean Paste- Salty, pungent, and slightly spicy.


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