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Get A Taste Of This Flavored Oil

Get A Taste Of This Flavored Oil

Macadamia Nut Oil is a fairly new flavored oil to hit the shelves. It has been around for a little while but I have noticed it showing up in more places lately.

The flavor profile of macadamia nut oil, sometimes called Mac Nut Oil, is intense, nutty and sweet. The oil is cold pressed from one of the premier nuts, the macadamia nut, so you can expect to pay higher prices then other nut oils like walnut oil, almond oil, and hazelnut oil. Macadamia oil has a high smoke point, so you can use it for frying or sautéing, but I think the flavor is too intense and would overwhelm the other ingredients.  A little of this oil goes a long way, so use it sparingly and add only a splash to a dish or sauce to finish. If you want to go savory, use a little in an aïoli, vinaigrette, marinade or simply drizzle over a fish dish. If you want to go sweet, add a splash over ice cream or drizzle on a finished dessert plate to add a nutty dimension.



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