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Malanga Root

The root ranges in color from white to pink and in size from a little larger then a golf ball to larger then a baseball. They can weigh between a half and one kilogram and needs to be peeled before using. Purée for a soup, add to a stew, fry as a chip or for Tempura, or use as a vegetable side dish. Malanga Root is also made into a flour.

Alternative Names

New Cocoyam, Tannia, Yautia


Root Vegetable, Tuber Vegetable


West Indies


Earthy, Nutty, Sweet-Slightly


Firm, Starchy

Prep Methods

Cut/Slice, Dredge/Bread, Dry/Dehydrate, Mash/Purée, Peel

Cooking Method

Bake, Boil/Simmer, Braise, Fry/Deep-fry, Roast


see categorized dishes


Must be cooked or it can cause irritation to the throat.

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