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Produce: Vegetable: Winter/Hard Squash/Pumpkin: Leaf Vegetable (178)


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Acorn Squash

Alternative Names
Des Moines Squash, Table Queen

Anise Leaf

Alternative Names
Anise Green, Anise Hyssop Greens

Arrowhead Cabbage

Alternative Names
Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage


Alternative Names
Italian Cress, Rocket, Roqueta, Roquette, Rucoloa, Rughetta, Rúcola

Arugula Rapini

Alternative Names
Arugula Raab, Arugula Rabe, Arugula Rape

Asparagus Lettuce

Alternative Names
Celery Lettuce, Celtuce Lettuce, Chinese Lettuce, Stem Lettuce

Baby Arugula

Alternative Names
Petite Arugula

Baby Bok Choy

Alternative Names
Mini Bok Choy

Baby Red Amaranth Greens

Alternative Names
Baby Callaloo Greens, Baby Callaloo Leaves, Baby Red Amaranth Leaves, Baby Red Shen Choy, Baby Red Yin Choy

Baby Spinach

Alternative Names
Baby Spoon Spinach, Young Spinach



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