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Produce: Vegetable: Mushroom/ Fungus: Mexican Cuisine: Stew (40)


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Beefsteak Mushroom

Alternative Names
Beef Steak Mushroom, Ox Tongue Mushroom

Black Trumpet Mushroom

Alternative Names
Black Chanterelle, Horn Of Plenty, Trompette De La Mort Mushroom, Trumpet Of Death

Butter Boletus

Alternative Names
Red Capped Butter Bolete, Royal Bolete

Button Mushroom

Alternative Names
Common Mushroom, White Mushroom

Cauliflower Mushroom

Alternative Names
Cauliflower Fungus

Chanterelle Mushroom

Alternative Names
Chanterelles Mushroom, Golden Chanterelle, Yellow Chanterelle

Cinnamon Cap Mushroom

Alternative Names
Forest Nameko Mushroom, Nameko Mushroom

Cloud Ear Mushroom

Alternative Names
Elephant Ear Mushroom, Tree Ear Mushroom, Wood Ear Mushroom



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